ELFAB OEM & Rupture Disc Plugs


Elfab's expertise in developing custom engineered solutions has been applied to a diverse range of industries. Working to the highest possible standards our unique design for manufacture approach allows us to tailor our products to meet the requirements of individual projects. Elfab has built up significant experience in the design and manufacture of Plugs, Unions and other small disc assemblies, producing a wide range of variations to supply a diverse customer base. Included in this range are electron beam welded, capped disc, colour coded, swaged and printed units in a variety of dimensions to suit specific customer needs.

Rupture discs working to a unique "design for manufacture" approach.
Uniquely manufactured per application Elfab's OE rupture discs are specifically designed to meet individual customer requirements. Whether it be a complex one-off unit or high volume price sensitive OEM product Elfab will develop a solution to meet specific application requirements. OE products require no flanges and are simply connected to the system requiring pressure relief protection. Elfab combine CAD/CAM design with precision manufacturing all from one location. Elfab offer state-of-the-art manufacturing capability including; Electron Beam welding, CNC machining, high volume machining, automatic assembly, 5 axis laser cutting as well as advanced testing and inspection facilities to create a product with the highest possible specifications.
  • Industry best lead times
  • Award winning manufacturing capability
  • World-class supply chain management
  • Leak tight designs
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A simple to install pressure relief solution.
Elfab’s rupture disc plugs have been specifically developed to provide a simple to install pressure relief solution. This type of device is suitable for a wide range of applications, such a cryogenics, gas cylinders, autoclaves and portable compressed air systems. Elfab have a wide variety of disc and holder combinations to meet pressure and connection requirements. Using advanced precision manufacturing techniques Elfab have state-of-the-art machining including in house automatic assembly and Electron Beam Welding capability.
  • Gas and vapour compatible
  • Various inlet and outlet combinations
  • Simple installation
  • Excellent leak integrity
  • Tamperproof
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